Plants for Patients

A friend of mine suggested we take a clay class the other week, put on by a local organization that would give the clay pots we made to local patients at a local women’s care center. Everything about this sounded amazing, so we went and decorated some clay pots with slip “paint”, texture tools and what not. It was a great experience, I was inspired and signed up to volunteer.

Later that week, I was contacted by the organization with a request to do a flyer promoting the upcoming spring clay classes. Of course! I was happy at the chance to become more involved with such a beautiful cause.

I look forward to working more with Plants for Patients. You can learn more about them here if you’re interested. For now, I must upload this post and go shovel more snow away from my garage! Only a mere 15″-18″ expected this weekend, lol! Later, y’all.

Pretty Little Things

I had the privilege of designing the wedding invitations for my oldest and dearest friend a few years ago. When left to my own devices, I trend towards san serifs and line work, clean palettes without much fussy detail. NOTE: I am a sucker for detail, but I rarely do the fussy type.

This opportunity gave me a chance to work in a more elegant mindset, trying on different script typefaces and testing exactly which burnish of gold would pair best with velvety gray. An opportunity to get quotes for letterpressed invites from local printers? You bet your biscuits. I don’t know many instances when you should choose NOT to letterpress invitations..

The finished product was sweet, beautiful, and classic. I had a great deal of fun designing the various components of this stationary set; the RSVP cards, the envelopes, the save-the-date, and of course the invites themselves. A lovely bit of print design for an even lovelier couple.

Photo Credit: Crane’s Photography
Photo Credit: Crane’s Photography


Well this is neat. Today I figured out how to make my own Photoshop mockups using Smart Objects. Take that, Adobe! $29.99 a month for assets..

Sweet concrete background from Unsplash, a little Smart Object manipulation, and a healthy dose of burn tool. I made a mockup thingymajig!

It’s Friday. Cheers, y’all 😀

A little brochure I just did for the design team at work. Ta-da!

Fox Food

Fox Food was the second project I did for my UI/UX classes, this one more focused on taking wireframes to mockups. I started with research, of course, and formed my project strategy:

And lest we forget the good ol’ site map (site maps are good enough, but I was about to discover the unbridled majesty of interaction wires in XD)

Used Balsamiq for these wireframes, and then mocked them up. Designed a sweet little fox logo along the way:

And last but definitely not least, I mapped the interactions between the mockups. With each new wire, the connections took on the lines of a majestic peacock, ready to fluff it’s plumage for maximum user experience.

I apologize for the blurry photo. I can’t figure out a way in XD to export a shot of all the artboards. #adobefeaturerequest

And that’s it for Project Two! I have a workable prototype you can play with too right here. Adios for now, I will be back with another project soon!


TacoNow! is the name of the app I designed as my first foray into the wild and wonderful world of UI/UX Design. The project brief was to design an app, so I chose to design a “locator” app. Specifically, a taco locator for hungry humans.

First thing I did was my initial research. What did the [imaginary] client want the app to do? Who was this app for? What functionality would be required? Next, I put together my very first site map, then it was time for wireframes, user testing, and visual mockups.

And voilà! There was my first attempt at creating an app! This was a fun experiment, I knew I was on the right track. Now to find some more users to test my designs on..