Hi! Thanks for stopping by my site. I’m Annalise Johnson, but I have a feeling you might have already figured that part out.

Super Important Things About Me

COFFEE ORDER: Chai latte/almond milk/single shot
FAVORITE SOUND: The TIE fighters from Star Wars
DREAM JOB: Pattern Library Designer


I’ve been working in the design field since 2008 in some capacity, whether it was having an official design desk job or doing freelance. Design is my passion, it allows me to express my creativity while also applying research, logic, and problem solving. There isn’t anything like the look on a client’s face as I show them a finished product that communicates something they didn’t even know how to ask for, or solves a problem they weren’t even aware of.

Recently, I have become more and more intrigued by the rapidly evolving field of UX. I finished up a series of classes from Cal Arts that let me dip my toes in the water, and loved it. This branch of design focuses even more on research and watching how humans interact with the products we create, which I believe is the most vital information we can use as designers. To me, the ideology that drives UX seems to be a natural extension of how I was already approaching other work, especially when it was identity design.

Today I Am…

Currently working through another series of classes for CSS, Javascript, Adobe XD and Figma. Searching out new design projects to expand my “vocabulary” every day. Please drop me a note below if you would like to discuss a project or would like a bid for some work. Thanks!