Fox Food

Fox Food was the second project I did for my UI/UX classes, this one more focused on taking wireframes to mockups. I started with research, of course, and formed my project strategy:

And lest we forget the good ol’ site map (site maps are good enough, but I was about to discover the unbridled majesty of interaction wires in XD)

Used Balsamiq for these wireframes, and then mocked them up. Designed a sweet little fox logo along the way:

And last but definitely not least, I mapped the interactions between the mockups. With each new wire, the connections took on the lines of a majestic peacock, ready to fluff it’s plumage for maximum user experience.

I apologize for the blurry photo. I can’t figure out a way in XD to export a shot of all the artboards. #adobefeaturerequest

And that’s it for Project Two! I have a workable prototype you can play with too right here. Adios for now, I will be back with another project soon!

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